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Soap, Shagbark, with Lavender
Soap, Shagbark, with Lavender
Soap, Shagbark, with Lavender

Soap, Shagbark, with Lavender

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Shagbark Soap
Another Turkeywoods Farm staple, Shagbark Hickory Soap is a product of Native American medicine and modern organic chemistry. Shagbark soap is rich in minerals and now fortified with vitamin D, each of which are necessary for healthy muscles, joins, and a strong immune response. This soap is designed to alleviate muscle & joint pain simply, through daily cleansing. Although these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA, they are backed by hundreds of years of Native American history. Relaxing lavender scent.

Shagbark Facts:

  •  Rich in minerals including magnesium.
  •  Used traditionally to treat muscle pain and arthritis.
  • Renewable resource (trees shed the bark and are not cut down).
  • Magnesium and calcium deficiencies can cause muscle spasm and pain.Water treatment through water softening removes these healthy ions.
  • Hickory bark is one of the richest plant sources of magnesium (1), which is an essential mineral for maintenance of healthy muscles.
  • Research suggests that magnesium and other ions can be efficiently absorbed through the skin.

Native American tribes knew the benefits of shagbark hickory bark. These early Americans drank shagbark tea and applied boiled shagbark poultices to ease the pains of sore muscles and arthritis.

Turkeywoods farm has produced the world's first Shagbark Hickory Soap. Many have found the soap helpful to soothe everyday aches and pains and to moisturize dry skin. 


 Quality is a hallmark of all Turkeywoods Farm products. Our soap process is backed by 25 years of expertise in organic and medicinal chemistry. Shagbark hickory trees are grown naturally and pesticide/herbicide free on our farm in Groton/Mystic, CT. As bark is shed naturally, trees are not cut down or damaged. Shagbark extract is combined by hand with olive, coconut, palm, castor and almond oils and fortified with vitamin D in a traditional saponification process. Natural shagbark extract presents healthful minerals in an organic form. Olive oil softens and moisturizes the skin. Coconut oil produces a cleansing soap. Palm oil helps harden the bar, so that it lasts longer. Castor oil produces good lather. Almond oil provides healthful components including vitamin E. Lavender essential oil provides a wonderful relaxing aroma.

(1) D. R. Phillips et al., Biomass 1989, 19, 169-187