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Turkeywoods Farm Tick-Me-Off Soap

After returning home from the farm one day we found a tick on our young son even after a shower. Fortunately it had not yet attached. This gave us the idea for a tick repellent soap for use after outdoor activities like hiking, gardening and fishing. The soap may also be used before hiking, but is not likely to be as effective or last as long as a chemical DEET spray.

Turkeywoods Farm Tick-Me-Off Soap is prepared from an aqueous extract of the mugwort plant, which grows organically on our farm. Mugwort is itself a natural insect repellent, but we supplement this with citronella, lavender, and geranium oils to boost the repellent properties and enhance the aroma. The primary aroma of Tick Me Off Soap comes from citronella, a natural product isolated from Asian lemon grass, among other plants. Some use this soap nearly every day simply because of the way it smells.

We use natural color pigments to differentiate our various soap blends. We currently use a band of blue in the anti-tick soap, but will likely change to orange since blue is already used in our Mugwort-Pachouli Dreamweed Soap. Both are becoming popular products for Turkeywoods Farm, but look for this color change in future batches. Also look for a blog on our Dreamweed Soap, which could appear soon.

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