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Turkeywoods Farm Shagbark Hickory Soap for Muscle Pain

Magnesium is essential for the healthy function of muscle tissue, and is particularly important in muscle relaxation. Common causes of lower back and other muscle pain are muscle spasm and cramping, which can be debilitating and often requires rest. These painful effects are largely attributed to electrolyte imbalance.

Native Americans prepared poultices from hickory bark as a treatment for the muscle fatigue, muscle pain, and arthritis pain. Hickory bark is reportedly high in magnesium, and contains other trace minerals. Research suggests that magnesium is more readily available by skin absorption vs. oral administration.

We've formulated shagbark hickory extract into a soap based on the idea that daily use may help prevent muscle spasm and resultant pain. Personal testimony along with that from our test group of family and friends suggest that Shagbark Hickory Soap does help with these issues. Furthermore, we have a number of repeat customers (thank you!) who also report that "it works." The positive effects seem to be noticeable within 1-2 weeks of daily use. Importantly, the soap is not intended for or claimed as a treatment for chronic or acute pain, but should be more considered a possible preventative measure. Note also  that these claims are not FDA approved. 

Turkeywoods Farm Shagbark Hickory Soap is available in two varieties. One is scent free, and is a natural colored soap (i.e. no pigments added). The second is scented with lavender, and has natural purple pigment added which appears as a pretty swirl of violet. Other than that, the two are identical. Thanks for reading.